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Terms of Use The information, documents and graphics (the “Content”) published by Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited under www.Allpresan.uk.com (the “website”) are used for information purposes only and cannot and should not replace medical advice. They are not intended for use for self-diagnosis or for preparing treatments without professional medical supervision. Allpresan.uk.com does not provide medical or other advice or recommendations. Its content conforms to the applicable legislation and is exclusively for users accessing the site from within the United Kingdom. Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited makes no guarantee (either express or implied) as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information. Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited reserves the right to change the content of website at any time without prior notice and without providing a statement of reasons.

By using this website you agree to the contents of Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited’s current Terms of Use. Please keep regularly informed of any updates to these terms of use.

1 Copyright

The website of Neubourg Pharma (UK) offers users access to copyright-protected material, such as editorial contributions or presentations of Web pages and other forms of protected speech or figurative works. Neubourg Pharma (UK) permits private or self-employed users (for example, physicians, pharmacists, and other institutions such as health insurers, welfare associations, self-help groups) to download and print out such content on their computers to the extent authorised in each case. A note on the copyright of Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited must feature on each private copy of the publication, or parts thereof in the form of an appropriate copyright notice (see paragraph 10). The user is not authorized to carry out further acts of exploitation, such as the modification, reproduction, distribution or publication of the sites and content (in whole or in part).

2 Trademark rights and other intellectual property rights

The product names mentioned on the website of Neubourg Pharma (UK), regardless of their font size or the presence of a trademark symbol, are trademarks of Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited, affiliated companies or licensors. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action. The same is true for all other identifiers that are not true product names but are also protected, for example the brand and the business name “Neubourg Pharma (UK)”. In addition, some Web pages may contain pictures or product descriptions that are protected in the United Kingdom and other countries and are owned by Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited, or for which the rights may only be used on the website with the consent of third parties. These must not be used without the written consent of Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited.

3 Accessibility of website

Neubourg Pharma (UK) endeavours to ensure the continuous availability of its website. It cannot be excluded, however, that the website www.allpresan.uk.com may be temporarily unavailable without notice for technical reasons or for maintenance purposes. The user shall have no right to makes claims regarding the continuous accessibility of the contents of the website.

4 Liability

Neubourg Pharma (UK) does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content on the website. All information, advice, recommendations and information are without legal obligation. The content published on the website may include editorial, technical or typographical errors. Neubourg Pharma (UK) therefore accepts no liability and reserves the right to make changes.

The liability of Neubourg (UK) is limited to cases of intentional or grossly negligent causes for damage and to liability in accordance with statutory regulations.

Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that result from visiting the Web pages at www.allpresan.uk.com, or from using the information, documents, instructions or recommendations published on the website.

Neubourg Pharma (UK) is not responsible for any unauthorized third-party access to the contents of the website and the possible transmission of computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious programs. The user is obliged to take precautions to protect his own computer from such malicious programs by installing in particular an anti-virus software and by using the latest antivirus definitions. The website of Neubourg Pharma (UK) provides the user with access and knowledge of information and data, the content and format of which Neubourg Pharma (UK) has no control over (third-party information). Neubourg Pharma (UK) is not liable for such third-party information. This applies in particular to electronic references (links) to other Web pages (see also paragraph 7). Such references are made solely for the purpose of information and as an additional service to users. Links to other Internet publications are not intended as a recommendation for a particular company, its products or services. The content posted here is not related to Neubourg Pharma (UK) Limited. Neubourg Pharma (UK) is not responsible for the information and data provided by third parties and does not adopt such third-party information as its own. This applies especially to the completeness, accuracy, freedom from third-party rights or the compliance with legal regulations or other mandatory rules.

5 Products distributed worldwide

The website may contain information on products distributed and services offered worldwide, which are not necessarily available in every location. A reference to a product or a service on a Neubourg Pharma (UK) Web page does not mean that any of such products or services are available at the place of the user.

The information published on the website is based on approval documents that are valid for the United Kingdom. Users of the website that are not resident in the United Kingdom have to note, therefore, that individual products listed on the website may not be admitted in their country, may be subject to different legal regulations in their country and that different product information may apply.

6 Link to this site

Links to the Neubourg Pharma (UK) website are allowed both to the home page as well as to the sub-pages (so-called “deep links”) if:

(a) the deep-linked Neubourg Pharma (UK) Web page contains a link to its own home page, and

(b) the Internet address of the deep-linked Neubourg Pharma (UK) Web page is clearly identifiable to the user.

Links to elements of Neubourg Pharma (UK) website like “frames”, “includes”, “pop-ups” or PDF files are not permitted.

Neubourg Pharma (UK) Web pages or parts thereof may not be integrated into the Web pages of third parties using “frames”, “includes”, “inline links” or similar special techniques. Exceptions to these rules require the prior written approval of Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd.

Neubourg Pharma (UK) has not verified the third-party Web pages that link to these Neubourg Pharma (UK) sites and is not responsible for the content of such external Web pages.

7 Links to third-party Web pages

Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd can put links to other Web pages it considers to be of interest. Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd assumes no liability for the content of the linked Web pages and for the data protection standards of such linked Web pages. By setting a link to a third-party Web page, Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd does not in any way approve or support the content of the linked sites. Furthermore, Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd does not adopt the content of linked Web pages as its own and is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information or views on the linked Web pages. The respective operator of the linked Web pages is responsible for the content of external links.

8 Target audience of the website

The website of Neubourg Pharma (UK) and the content published on them is aimed at an audience within the United Kingdom.

9 Privacy / Personal information

The legal data protection provisions of the United Kingdom shall apply. Information on the collection and use of personal data when using the website can be found in the privacy policy of Neubourg Pharma (UK) Ltd.

10 Copyright notice

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