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  • GlucoRx Allpresan featured in Mail on Sunday

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    GlucoRx Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream was featured in the Mail on Sunday on 8th March 2015. Richard lane, President of Diabetes UK is also using GlucoRx Allpresan and says ” My feet are not nearly as dry as they have been and that pleases me no end”

    The article reads:

    A new foot cream for diabetics comes with the highest recommendation – as it is used by Richard Lane, president of charity Diabetes UK.

    GlucoRx Allpresan is designed to lower the skin infection risk for those with diabetes by forming a breathable ‘mesh’ that protects against invading bacteria.

    The disease affects the body’s ability to absorb sugar, leading to high levels in the blood. That can cause damage to small blood vessels and means patients are prone to skin problems and poor wound healing, especially in the feet.

    Their skin can crack, letting in bacteria, and this can lead to ulcers and infection between the toes if left untreated.

    GlucoRx Allpresan contains urea, panthenol and pentavitin which make the skin smooth and stop itching. Mr Lane says: ‘My feet are not nearly as dry as they’ve been which pleases me no end.’

    It is stocked by Lloyds Pharmacies and costs £4.99, and is also available on prescription.

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